LondonLife – A last chance to experience Australia at the British Museum…

An Australian landscape constructed in the forecourt of the British Museum as part of the museum’s Australian Season. The landscape takes the intrepid on a journey across the vast Australian continent through the arid red desert of the red centre to the granite outcrops of the country’s west coast. The plants include iconic Australian flora such as the kangaroo paw, wattle, coast banksia, gums and ferns as well as a Wollemi pine. The landscape is the fourth created in the museum’s forecourt under a partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. But time is running out to see it – the garden will disappear on 16th October. Other events held at the museum as part of Australian Season have included an exhibition of Australian artworks and handcrafted baskets. Admission to the garden is free. For more, visit

One thought on “LondonLife – A last chance to experience Australia at the British Museum…

  1. oh noooo… where is it going? Apart from Brits wanting to experience Australia, there are half a million Australians in Britain at any one time. At election time, there are more Australians voting in Britain than in any electorate in Australia! They will want to have the smells and colours of home, as well.

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