Where is it?…#53


The latest in the series in which we ask you to identify where in London this picture was taken. If you think you can identify this picture, leave a comment below. We’ll reveal the answer early next week. Good luck!

Well done to Angelo and Carol – this is indeed part of a series of sculptures which project out of the facade of Allington House (formerly known as Saga House) at the junction of Victoria and Allington Streets. The sculptures – known as The Endangered Species Triptych, they include an elephant, tiger, orang-utan, shark and birds – have reportedly adorned the building since the 1980s and are the work of Barry Baldwin. Weighing more than 12 tonnes, they project almost a metre out of the building’s facade. There are indeed plans to demolish the building and a campaign, spearheaded by London historian and guide Peter Berthoud, has been launched to save the sculptures. You can find out more and sign a petition here: www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/land-securities-stop-the-demolition-of-the-sculptures-at-allington-house#.

5 thoughts on “Where is it?…#53

  1. The building, Allington House, is being demolished and there’s a campaign to save the sculpture from being destroyed. I don’t think a final decision has been taken yet, but fingers crossed it gets saved.

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