Where is it?…#53

December 15, 2012


The latest in the series in which we ask you to identify where in London this picture was taken. If you think you can identify this picture, leave a comment below. We’ll reveal the answer early next week. Good luck!

Well done to Angelo and Carol – this is indeed part of a series of sculptures which project out of the facade of Allington House (formerly known as Saga House) at the junction of Victoria and Allington Streets. The sculptures – known as The Endangered Species Triptych, they include an elephant, tiger, orang-utan, shark and birds – have reportedly adorned the building since the 1980s and are the work of Barry Baldwin. Weighing more than 12 tonnes, they project almost a metre out of the building’s facade. There are indeed plans to demolish the building and a campaign, spearheaded by London historian and guide Peter Berthoud, has been launched to save the sculptures. You can find out more and sign a petition here: www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/land-securities-stop-the-demolition-of-the-sculptures-at-allington-house#.


5 Responses to “Where is it?…#53”

  1. Have corrected a spelling mistake in second mention of street – Allington, not Allingdon. Apologies!

  2. Cindy Eve Says:

    That is Allington House, near Victoria Station 🙂

  3. carolstanley Says:

    The building, Allington House, is being demolished and there’s a campaign to save the sculpture from being destroyed. I don’t think a final decision has been taken yet, but fingers crossed it gets saved.

  4. Angelo Mimmo Ampolo Says:

    It’s from a building in front of Victoria Station, at the beginning of Victoria Street.

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