Our top 10 stories for 2013 – part two…

December 31, 2013

We’re taking at look back at the 10 most read stories we posted this year (excluding posts such as ‘Where is it?’ and ‘This Week in London’). Yesterday we took a look at numbers 10 through to six; today it’s the final five…

5. Treasures of London – Siborne’s Large Model… 

4. 10 fictional character addresses in London – 8. The Darling’s House… 

3. Where’s London’s oldest…Thames tunnel? 

2. Lost London – The Egyptian Hall… 

and (drum roll please), our most read story from 2013 was

1. Treasures of London – The Barbor Jewel…


One Response to “Our top 10 stories for 2013 – part two…”

  1. The top fictional character addresses was a brilliant idea. The places never existed and the characters were created out of an author’s fevered mind. Nonetheless the impact on the whole world of readers is so powerful, they may as well have been real.

    It is all a bit weird actually. I remember going to see Sherlock Holmes’ place and couldn’t remember if it was a) real, b) mocked up but based on historical evidence or c) total fantasy.

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