Where is it?…#82…And the answer is…


Can you identify where in London this picture was taken and what it’s of ? If you think you can, leave a comment below. We’ll reveal the answer next week. Good luck!

Sorry for the delay in providing the answer! Well done to James and Runner – while there are a number of similar weathervanes around London, this one does indeed sit atop the Liberty department store. Located above the mock Tudor store in Great Marlborough Street, the gilded weathervane is modelled on the Mayflower which took pilgrims to America in 1620. Interestingly, the nautical theme also employed during construction of the building in the 1920s – timbers from the HMS Impregnable and HMS Hindustan were used in the project, the frontage of which was the same length of the HMS Hindustan. For more, see www.liberty.co.uk.

3 thoughts on “Where is it?…#82…And the answer is…

  1. I think that’s Liberty’s, though I just spent a few minutes wracking my brain trying to think of what church spire that could be topping.

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