Top 10 stories for 2014 – part 2…

January 5, 2015

Here are the top five of the 10 most visited stories we posted in 2014…

5. LondonLife – Poppies at the Tower of London…

4. Famous Londoners – Dido Elizabeth Belle… 

3. A look back at 10 fictional character addresses in London…

2. 10 fictional character addresses in London – 9. 7 Savile Row, Burlington Gardens…  

1. 10 fictional character addresses in London – 10. 165 Eaton Place

And that’s the list according to our stats. But we’d be interested to hear what you think? Did you have a favourite post in 2014?

One Response to “Top 10 stories for 2014 – part 2…”

  1. artandarchitecturemainly Says:

    There is something a bit strange about fictional character addresses that become historically credible in their own right.

    Of course the reader knows he is reading a novel, not a history text. But consider one example. I visited Ned Kelly’s home and loved the experience, but some historians have acknowledged that they have no idea where he actually lived.

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