LondonLife – Brexit turmoil…

Scenes from the ‘Put It To The People March’ attracted thousands to central London on Saturday. More than a million people hit the streets calling for a second Brexit vote. Here’s some images from the mass gathering. PICTURES: Top and first below – John Briody (licensed under CC BY 2.0); second, third and fourth below (Garry Knight (public domain).





One thought on “LondonLife – Brexit turmoil…

  1. Brexit was the silliest idea, promoted by a fear of non-English speaking Europeans in a time of rising right-wing nationalism across the world. Now that that citizens have had a chance to think about the issue, a second vote is essential.

    In an Australian referendum, citizens were asked to vote in October 1916 on the issue of conscription. And when the public thinking might have changed in December 1917, there was a second referendum on the same topic.

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