Where is it? #19

The latest in the series in which we ask you to identify where in London this picture was taken and what it’s of. If you think you can identify this picture, leave a comment below. We’ll reveal the answer early next week. Good luck!

Thanks to those who had a shot at where this was located. It is located at Elephant and Castle, on the busy roundabout where New Kent Road meets St George’s Road, and contains a transformer for the London Underground’s Northern Line which passes underneath.

But more than that, the stainless steel boxlike structure pictured is actually one of London’s more obscure memorials – it commemorates Michael Faraday, the eminent Victorian scientist noted in particular for his contributions to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry.

Erected in 1960-61 not far from where Faraday was born (in the delightfully named Newington Butts), it was designed by the Brutalist architect Rodney Gordon and apparently was originally to feature glass panels so the interior workings of the transformer could be seen but unfortunately this was altered due to the threat posed by vandals.

The monument, which features 728 steel panels, was given Grade II listed building status in 1996, the same year a new lighting scheme was added following a competition by children’s TV show Blue Peter. Plans to move the monument to a new site next to the Faraday Museum in Mayfair have been mooted.

3 thoughts on “Where is it? #19

  1. This is the electricity sub station at the Elephant and Castle.
    I can just about remember that the pub of the same name was very near to this structure.

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