LondonLife – The Big Chill 2…


Says the photographer, Ben Bibriesca: “Instead of spending another lazy weekend in, my flatmate and I decided to plan a trip to the Tate Modern. Unfortunately due to the snow, all our friends dropped out. We decided to still go but spent more time outdoors taking photos in the snow then at the actual museum. This shot was taken right before we crossed the bridge to get to our destination. I just loved the way everything was snow covered and white.” For more of Ben’s work, see

Taken an interesting photograph of somewhere in London? We’re always looking for interesting images of the city so if you’ve got one you reckon captures a snippet of life in London, please contact us at or via Flickr at

2 thoughts on “LondonLife – The Big Chill 2…

  1. I lived in London and Herts for a few winters and remember it being cold. But I don’t remember snow like that, at all. Is the snow particularly heavy this winter? Or did the photographer just get some lucky snaps in?

    Extreme weather isn’t fun for the people living through it, but it makes for great photographs. I would say the same thing for our bushfires each summer.

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