LondonLife – Recalling the Queen’s Coronation…


The Gold State Coach passes in front of Buckingham Palace on 2nd June, 1953. The image is among the displays at the special exhibition marking the 60th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II which forms part of the summer opening of Buckingham Palace’s State Rooms. The exhibition, which runs until 29th September, features dresses, uniforms and robes worn by the principal royal party on the day along with works of art, paintings and other objects related to it. Admission charge applies. For more, check out Royal Collection Trust/All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “LondonLife – Recalling the Queen’s Coronation…

  1. I was very interested in royal wedding gifts going back into the C19th, especially rich porcelain and jewellery. Companies seemed to have come out with their most elegantly designed products on special, royal occasions. So I will look forward to seeing what this special exhibition has to display, at least as far as Elizabeth II was concerned.

    Thanks for the link

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