London Pub Signs – The Tally Ho, North Finchley

PICTURE: Google Maps

The name of this pub in London’s north comes from its location at the corner of Ballards Lane and the High Road, a location known as Tally Ho Corner.

While the pub only dates from 1927, the name of the corner goes back further. The story goes that it originated with the Tally Ho Coach Company, which ran coaches from London to Birmingham and which kept 16 horses in a stable on the site since the 1830s.

But there has been some doubt cast on that claim – it’s been suggested the site was too close to London to warrant a change of horses and there’s apparently little evidence of such a company.

The pub replaced the Park Road Hotel which was built the site in the 1860s. It changed hands only a few years ago and is now run by the Stonegate Pub Company.

The phrase ‘Tally Ho’ was traditionally used as a hunting call who cried it out when they sighted their quarry. It apparently became used to describe a fast coach.

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